Color My Life With the Chaos of Trouble

Chaos. The first time I’ve read this word I thought it was pronounced “chows”. I’ve been saying chaos that way until my sister finally said, “Do you mean chaos???” I never said it wrong again.

What is chaos exactly? In my own words, I’d say chaos is a situation that is hectic, unorganized, and/or uncontrollable. There’s no image to show what chaos is. (Believe me, I’ve tried) Chaos is something you experience for yourself. An experience that may stand out to you. An experience you may want to happen again. Or an experience you may secretly want to relive.

The eight words I’ve titled this post with is a quote I live by religiously. Honestly, who doesn’t want chaos in their life? Life would be bleak and tasteless without craziness.

For my English class, I’m currently reading All Quiet On the Western Front, which on the cover clearly states, “The Greatest War Novel of All Time”. Of course, who can’t associate war with chaos? Most of the soldiers enlisted expecting chaos, which is exactly what they got.

Instead of describing these scenes, I wanted to show a few art pieces and create your own scene of chaos in your head. Be as creative as possible. I’ll try my best to show you my take on each.


(Trenches) I love how the color already sets the mood making it seem dark, ominous, and empty.


This painting makes it seem like the army tank is coming towards us. Like the other paintings, it’s not as colorful.


I love how the background looks like it’s fingerpainted. The two soldiers are almost invisible in the picture. Like the previous painting, it makes it seem like we’re actually in the battle scene.


These gas masks makes the soldiers look like aliens, and like skeletons. The black and white makes this sketch look hectic.

I think while reading All Quiet On the Western Front, we all imagine something different. Something chaotic. Maybe with color, maybe without. That’s the beauty of reading.

So don’t be afraid to spice up your life. Bring on the color and an empty easel.


Embrace chaos. Look at it in the eye and tell it to come a little closer.



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