Valentine’s Day!

As we all know, Valentines Day is almost here (February 14th, in case you didn’t know)! For some people, Valentines Day is a romantic and special day that only comes once a year, and for others, it’s quite a typical day- except all of the smoochy-smoochy couples are in plain sight doing what they do best: smooching. Although Valentines Day can be depressing for those who are single, there are still plenty of things to do!

Idea #1 for the singles: Cupcake party!


Imagine this: A chilly Thursday night, hanging out with your best friends sipping hot chocolate and laughing while eating (and making) delicious cupcakes… mmm! Wouldn’t it just be awesome to have a gathering and feast on delicious cupcakes you made?! It could be set up like a buffet, but with frosting, sprinkles, and cupcakes. Custom made to suit your tastes! It’d be a great memory to have and you could also start a new tradition with your friends!

Idea #2 for singles: Valentines exchange party! 


Remember back in elementary school where we used to create little bags decorated with hearts and our classmates would place little, cute Valentines Day cards in it and sometimes candy? Now, you can recreate those nostalgic moments at whatever age and feast on as many lollipops as you want!

Idea #3 for the single ladies: Movie night!

mean girls

What better way to spend your Thursday night watching re-runs of hilarious movies! You know what they say, laughing relieves stress and makes you live longer!

List of Comedy movies:

  • Mean Girls (you can quote it all night long)
  • White Chicks (my all time favorite)
  • Bridesmaides
  • Easy A
  • She’s the Man
  • Ted

List of animated movies:

  • Despicable Me
  • Up
  • Gnomeo and Juliet
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Cinderella
  • Toy Story 1, 2, and 3
  • Tangled
  • Finding Nemo

Idea #4 for the single ladies: Have a dance party!


What’s better than singing and dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce? THAT’S RIGHT- NOTHING. For me, jokingly dancing and singing  always leaves the stress behind and it’s just a moment of fun. You could also play Just Dance on the Wii/Xbox so you’d have a reason to answer your mom when she asks you what you’re doing…

Perfect songs to jam to:

  • Beyonce- Single Ladies
  • Coldplay- Paradise
  • Fun.- Some Nights
  • MGMT- Electric Feel
  • Gotye- Somebody That I Used To Know
  • Grouplove- Tongue Tied
  • The Kooks- Naive
  • Taylor Swift-  22

Idea #5 for the single ladies: Makeover!


Playing with makeup can possibly help you find a new look that you’ve never imagined! Revamping your style with your trustworthy best friends could shine a light on that “new you” look that you’ve been dying for and what better day to look super foxy than on Valentines Day! You could possibly go for a dinner afterwards and strut that new look! Here, BubzBeauty on Youtube shows you how to create an effortless, cute, and adorable  braided spring hair look!

Idea #6: DIY party!


Bring out those unwanted jeans, t-shirts, etc. that you no longer want and refurbish them! Here, MacBarbie07 on Youtube shows you how to create hair bows  with fabric and here, these rad flower headbands! With hardly any expenses, you can recreate those unwanted, out-of-style jeans into radical shorts!


love yourself

Even thought it’s the “all-so-important” Valentine’s day (sh, it’s really not that important), just remember, it’s okay to be single! You can still enjoy life and have fun with your gal pals even if you don’t have a boyfriend. Remember, you’re young and you can save those things for later! (plus, boys have cooties…) Focus on what’s important (cough, school, cough) and remember to love yourself first! Stay positive, your prince charming will sweep you off your feet eventually!

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” -Gloria Steinem

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

– Awkward Cat.


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