It’s Raining Cats & Cats!

I love rainy weather. Who doesn’t, right? I love the sound rain makes when it hits the cement and the tiny ripples the rain in every puddle.  I love the smell after too. It smells… fresh. What does fresh even smell like?!

So wondering what you want to wear for these soggy days? I’ve got a couple outfits up my sleeve.



Every girl should have one pair on rain boots in their closet! No, I don’t mean your combat boots, you want something waterproof.



This is pretty self-explanatory. You can pull out that matching coat that goes with your rain boots! (Kidding) I like windbreakers and peacoats because I like tucking scarves under.



Beanies, knit caps, you name ’em. All cute and they keep your head warm and dry.



Ditch you ankle socks, y’all should invest in some fuzzy socks. If they’re too childish for you, wool socks are cute too! Let them peek out of your boots.



Complete the outfit with a big o’ scarf. Who doesn’t want a warm neck. I personally think knit scarves are the cutest, but cotton scarves are definitely chic too. I prefer basic neutral colored scarves because they can go with almost anything. Style the way you wear your scarf too! You can do a novel knot, a twist, or just drape it on you! If you want more info on how to style your scarves, click this link!

Stay dry!



(Title creds goes to Mrs. Norris:)


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