All of These [little] Things: A Journey to Finding Your Own Happiness

Last week, my English teacher, Mr. T, took us on a walk around our school. I was surprised because I thought to myself, “What? None of my teachers have done this before! HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!” Little did I know, I found out so many great things about our school that goes unnoticed each and every day. Now onto my point, on my walk I noticed two Starburst wrappers (both of my favorite flavors, cherry and strawberry), the sounds of the wind blowing against palm trees, just really amazing things that I never thought I’d notice. What I realized that day was that all these little things are what makes our school amazing- all the little things. Without the little quirkiness in our lives, our lives wouldn’t be as special or have as much meaning as it does today. So here I am, writing a guide for you on how to be the happiest YOU can be.

1. Find inspiration. 

Go on Tumblr. Go on Etsy. Find things that really motivate you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to create a little shop of yours, why not start it today? Maybe you’ve always wanted to. Whether it’s with school or your biggest goals, find that something or someone that motivates to work hard and be the best YOU that you can be. Dream big. You can do anything that you set your mind to.


2. Do things you’ve never done before. 

What I mean by this is do things that you’ve always wanted to do, try things that will make you a better YOU. Do something that you’ll be thankful for tomorrow.

3. Change.

Three Pennies for Our Thoughts… change… you get it? Just kidding, but change whatever you want to change about yourself!  Whether it’s your style, the way you perceive things, or your attitude, change whatever you want to change! It starts with the little things and eventually, you can become the best YOU that you’ve wanted to be. Change is sometimes for the better.

stop worrying

4. Listen to great music. 

Music always sets the mood, and what’s better than positive music?!

5. Laugh and never stop. 

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in a slump is to go on Youtube watch funny/random/weird videos. Here is one of my favorites (p.s. I’m sorry if I have a weird take on humor) :

6. Breathe. 


7. Find your own happiness and stay positive.

Don’t let your happiness depend on other’s and the actions of others because when they’re gone, so is your own happiness. Create your own happiness by doing the things you love and surrounding yourself with the people you love. Nothing better than a positive aura for you to thrive off of. Life is hard and full of negative people, but don’t let anyone anyone ruin your happiness. “Per angusta ad augusta“- through difficulties to greatness.

stay positive

8. Notice the little things in life. 

Notice your surroundings and everything in it. Notice how lucky you are to even be alive right now. Be thankful for everything that your parents have provided you with. Be thankful that you even have a computer to read this. Just simply, be thankful for everything in life and all those around you.

so cute

Be thankful for the existence of sloths (cats and other furry animals included.)

Be thankful for everything that you’ve ever experienced- good or bad for those have made you into the person you are today. I hope from reading this, you’ll notice all these little things in life that make life worth it, because life is worth it no matter how hard it gets. Hang in there. I hope things get better for you on your journey to happiness, we’re meowing for you.

cat when better

– Awkward Cat.


2 responses to “All of These [little] Things: A Journey to Finding Your Own Happiness

  1. Ahaha I love #4! Passion Pit is so awesome and music can do so much to make people happy. And omg. #5. AJ LOL. Yup, laughing works too. Great post.

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