Cat Squad.

While reading, All Quiet on the Western Front, many the characters had their own physique and I wanted to portray them as cats, because, well cats have their own unique personalities as well. I now present to you, The Cat Squad. This is currently my view of the characters, but it may change through further reading. Also, this could become a study guide later on (you’re welcome, fellow classmates).

-Awkward Cat.


1. The Ring Leader (Katczinsky)

Coincidentally, Katczinsky’s name is similar to, well, cat. Katczinsky is a 40 year member of the army whose basically the leader of his squad, hence “the ring leader”. In the beginning of the book, it was revealed that Katczinsky has a “sixth sense”. He can tell where foods are placed places he’s never been, just like how a lion (it’s still a form of a cat, okay) know’s and can hunt down prey easily. Katczinsky, a lion, is viewed in a higher position than Himmelstoss, a cat, because he and Paul once “accidentally” spilled their toilets on him and they have found ways to harass him.


2. The Nice Guy (Paul)

Paul, the narrator of the story, is portrayed as a caring guy. When his friend Kemmerich was in the hospital, he tried to comfort him even though he knew his chances of surviving was low.  Paul still tries to stay positive through all of the bad situations he has been in.

greedy cat

3. The Greedy Cat (Muller)

While Kemmerich was in the hospital, all Muller wanted was his prize-possessed yellow leather boots. It seems as if all he cared about were his boots and he couldn’t care any less that Kemmerich was about to die. So, I viewed him as greedy, because, well, yeah…

boss cat

4. Mr. Boss (Himmelstoss)

Himmelstoss is the man in charge. He’s the strict commander in charge of Paul and his friends and isn’t afraid to discipline them harshly. They think he’s evil and treats them that way because he has more “power” and is in higher authority.

fat cat

5. The Chubby Cat (Tjaden)

In the beginning of the book, Tjaden was described as one who ate A LOT. I felt like his character brought in a sense of humor, despite the fact that the story was about war. I found it humorous how the author described him getting punished by Himmelstoss because he wet the bed.

cooking cat

6. The Cook (Ginger)

Well, he’s basically just the cook for the crew.


7. The Injured Cat (Kemmerich)

During battle, Kemmerich’s leg was wounded and had to have it amputated. During his last hours, he offers his boots to Muller and asked Paul to send his watch home (stolen in battle) if he ever found it. In the end, Kemmerich dies.

wise cat

8. The Wise Cat (Kropp)

Kropp is the lance-corporal and the wisest one of them all, in my opinion. During a talk, he stated how each countries’ general should fight instead because the wrong people were doing the fighting.


9. The Assistant (Westhus)

Westhus helps Kemmerich when he needs him. For example, Westhus helped Kemmerich when he needed hay for their beds.


10. The Teacher (Kantorek)

Kantorek taught the men back when they were in school.


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