El Fin

Wow. It’s already June. Honestly, this has been the best and worst year of my life. Well, more of the best side.

I still remember the first day of school very clearly, entering each classroom in bewilderment, or in my English class, familiarity, since I spent many of my mornings there my sophomore year. I can’t believe that I will be done with junior year in what? Seven school days?! That is crazy!

I’m not just saying this because my dear English teacher is reading this, but I thoroughly enjoyed AP English this year. It was one of the classes I looked the most forward to. I learned a bunch of things, first starting off with how EVERYTHING IS AN ARGUMENT!! The way I am organizing this blog post is an argument right now. The layout of my blog is arguing something. EVERYTHING. IS. AN. ARGUMENT.

I’ve also learned about the rhetoric triangle. Oh goodness. Rhetoric. The triangle was the relationship between the writer, audience, and subject. To be honest, I’ve never thought about English that way. But when it was explained to me, it just clicked. Logos, pathos, & ethos, too. Good stuff.

One thing I distinctly remember this year was paying attention to your audience when you’re writing something. (Also thesis statements, I guess). But this applies to everything. When you’re writing a job application, you must be aware of who is going to read it and have the language along with the format pleasing to the reader’s eye.  Life applications. I love  it when I can relate what I’ve learned to actual life.

I really do hope I maintain this blog this summer like I’ve attempted last summer. I’ve actually compiled a list of things I wanted to do this summer of one of those things is starting a fashion blog!

I am so excited for senior year. There’s a part of me that cannot wait to graduate, and another part of me looking around of my senior friends that are graduating this year and feeling sadness. I actually went to prom with my senior friends, and I was pretty sad afterwards when I realized they only had one week of school left. Well, now three days. Yikes.

IT’S SUMMER! (I’m planning on singing this on the last day of junior year, as the cast of HSM did when they were juniors)

Crookshanks ❤




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