Idea FM Innovation Symposium

On Tuesday, my AP English teacher hosted the school’s first Idea FM Innovation Symposium. My clothing brand, Ennui Apparel, was a Do-It-Yourself project for my English project, which is basically a project that was done to put our ideas into action, which was pretty cool.  I know a lot of people have passions but many save them for when “they grow up” but this DIY project was the perfect opportunity to do so because it was an actual school assignment.

Anyway, many of the students that have done this DIY project were from about 6 classes of students and this symposium was to present our final result. The first half of the symposium was going around and looking at table presentations in our school library (which was extremely hot and stuffy thanks to this Cali weather) but other than that, it was quite exciting to see parents and other students looking around. The second portion of the symposium were actual presentations, which were interesting to actually hear the commentary from the students who have done their projects. There was a group of students that hosted a TEDx talk which was super cool and another group of students who charged a phone with a bicycle.

I believe having these DIY projects my English teachers set up have great potential in the future, especially with students now with smartphones and access to more information. I’m really looking forward to seeing the DIY projects next year!

It was extremely rewarding to have questions about my project from adults and especially students who were curious about my process. I am really grateful I had this opportunity to do what I was passionate about and be a self-directed learner by letting my creativity flow and take it to places rather than the set boundaries and requirements other teachers would do. I hope I will continue with Ennui Apparel in the future.

Goodnight lovelies!!



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