How to Use a Sewing Machine!

My mom surprised me with a sewing machine for my birthday! I actually learned how to use one a couple months ago in my fashion technology class in school. I’ve been trying to learn for years and I’ve finally made a pair of PJ’s for a project for that class.

I’ve actually been trying to save up for a sewing machine for months now and it’s hard to pick one out especially since there are great brands out there that have been out there for a while especially Brother, Singer, and Berninas. Instead of getting a car when she graduated high school, my fashion technology teacher got a $2500 sewing machine from Bernina for FIDM.

But if you’re a beginner like me, I would suggest getting a sewing machine that is $130-150. I got a CS-6000i Brother sewing machine that costed about $144, which was a pretty good deal considering the features that come along with it!

photo 1 (2)So here is the infamous CS-6000i Brother sewing machine. I’ve read a lot of good comments about this machine although many say that the light is too dim, but I think it’s just fine. On the side, you can see the stitches the machine can do and you set the setting by number on the screen. The machine has a ton of variety, from straight stiches, to zigzags, and even leaves! But who would use leaves, right? Ok the 3 buttons are for reverse stitching and to lift he needle up completely.

Displaying photo 3.JPG

Not many people know that a bobbin is needed in order to sew. When you use a sewing machine, the thing you’re sewing has to have two sides of stiches or else it won’t stay together. Usually when you get a sewing machine, the bobbin will be without thread so here is how you should set it up in order to thread it through the sewing machine. (Wow, so useful!! I love things that have multiple functions)

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The directions on how to thread the bobbin is shown above but also shown on the machine also. The bobbin is on the far right (it’s clear) and all you do is push the bobbin in and press down the foot pedal. You would then put the bobbin into the machine like so.

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Put the bobbin cover back on and how it’s time to thread the machine! It’s a little tricky but if you follow the arrows on the machine, you should be fine. To put the thread through the needle, you can do it the automatic threader. After you use the automatic threader or you thread the machine by hand, you should bring the bobbin thread up along with the thread above by twisting the hand wheel.

Displaying photo 5.JPG

Now you can sew! Woo!

Displaying photo 1.JPG

Remember to cut off the thread!

So yeah. I’ve been basically doing this for the past week to make pocket tees, the next style for Ennui. 🙂

Hope I helped!




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