We’re Lying On the Moon

My friend had recently showed me this song from the movie Her, which is about a man falling in love with a computer in the future. Although I haven’t actually watched the movie, I fell in love with the song, “The Moon Song”. Huh. Wonder what the song is about.

Ugh. I cannot even tell you how much I love this song. I love simple songs like this. Simple mellow songs. With simple lyrics that are easy to memorize but makes you put your own meaning to the lyrics. Lyrics that help you relate to your life.


Do you ever just listen to a song from a movie you haven’t even watched and just imagine when the song will be played in the movie? And it’s even better once you’ve watched the movie and can imagine the movie scene in your head while the song is playing.

Weirdly, while listening to this song, I didn’t imagine a man falling in love with a computer. I imagined the Joad family on the road (I’M SERIOUS! By the way, Grapes of Wrath is not always on my mind, ok).

There’s things I wish I knew

There’s no thing I’d keep from you

It’s a dark and shiny place

But with you my dear

I’m safe and we’re a million miles away

The Joad family along with others came to California, not knowing what to expect and imagining California based off rumors. When they finally arrive however, they are greeted without work in a government camp. When they finally do find work, however, they end up making $1 after a day’s work of peach picking. However, they seem to be comforted that they are safe together even though they are a million miles away. Ma was a consistent figure here. She was always there to urge and encourage others to pick up jobs for the family.

Here’s the scene with the song in it. Scarlett Johanssen and Joaquin Phoenix actually sing the song to each other in the movie. I hope I didn’t crush your dreams.

I will most definitely watch this movie next week when I don’t have school. Yay! I am so excited. Finally spring break!




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