My Citadel

I love my mom. (Not apologizing that this post is going to be allllllllllllll about my love for my mother)

My mom is no Ma Joad when it comes to beating up tin peddlers with chickens but she sure is a tough cookie. She’s raised three girls for goodness sake. I trust my mom with anything and everything (except technology). Although my parents both have their respective jobs in the family, my mom is more of the glue that holds the family together. My dad does too, but he is a different type of glue. My mom is the Elmer’s glue because she’s dotdotnotalot-ed my family together while my dad is the wood glue that fills the remaining gaps and still manages to hold the foundation together.

My mom came from Vietnam to California (weow coincidence with Mama Joad? I think not) when she was 18 years told with her siblings by boat. She is the third youngest in her family out of ten children but she told me even when she was on the boat to America she was unsure about her decision. She dreamed of coming to America to continue her college education and to have me and my sisters but she was unsure about the “American Dream”. It wasn’t that she didn’t have faith, but my mom is the type of person that needs to know that everything that is going to work out.

I know my mom would drop everything for me. I would never consider my mom “strict” because the image that comes to mind is a boarding school-esque setting with unfair rules which is not my mom! My mom is reasonable (even though I’ll never admit it to her). I understand why she restricts me from doing certain stuff and why I have curfews, etc. She sets the rules, enforces them, and lives by them in the family. Even though it may be frustrating that she has the memory of a hawk, I still love her. She is continuously there for me and she’s never missed any of my events, not matter how relevant. She puts me before anything.

To be honest, I have no idea what I’d do without my mom. I try to find time everyday to remember to be grateful for my mom. It’s important to set aside time everyday to be appreciative of the people you have in your life.

3 Stooges + Mama Joad



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