Screenprinting Process

One of the biggest problems I had with producing my clothing line was finding an affordable screenprinter that can fit both my budget and accommodate my needs. I’ve researched a couple of screenprinting places but then I thought. I’m doing this as a DIY project. So I should try

Screen printing is easy if it is done with people who know what they’re doing and if you have the correct supplies. (Obviously) Lucky for me, I had both. My scout troop screenprints our own neckerchiefs and T-shirts which gave me the perfect opportunity to see screenprinting in action. What a total DIY project.

Unfortuntately, I didn’t get any pictures of making the screen but it’s an extremely complicated process that has to do with using ink, a dark room, and a bunch of lights.  The white part is where the ink goes through while the tealish/gray part is where the ink stays put. The end product looks like so.

DSCN5839The problem with making the screen is that there will be imperfections such as random dots here and there that you may get paint on. If you do mess up, put your shirt under hot water and dry it immediately. And rewash your screen after each design too. Don’t use hot water to clean the screen because it messes up the tealish/gray part, leaving it sticky which can affect the screenprinting process.



What is screeprinting, you may ask? It’s basically wiping ink through a stencil onto a shirt. The process is shown below! It depends how big your design is. You’ll need more ink than you think. You first need to check if there are any imperfections under the T-shirts such as wrinkles, table cracks, etc. because it will affect how the paint would go on the T-shirt.  I had to restart the T-shirts at least 3 times because the texture was all wrong! We then spooned ink (remember to avoid clothing and hands!) onto the screen and in one direction spread the ink over the transparent part. Remember, if you have little imperfections on your screen such as small dots, etc. try to avoid those because they will show on your T-shirt.


Like I said above, cleaning the screen takes care and precision. The screens are made out of silk. The silk screens are hard to rip because they’re tough but it’s possible. What I just did was rinse it under cold water and wipe it with a paper towel.


I’m going to be honest here. I didn’t really enjoy screenprinting. It was extremely time-consuming for the final end product and I only have one screen meaning that I have one design. And it requires multiple people to screenprint. But hey! I got my end result.

Did I mention I had A$AP IIDA reppin’ Ennui? This week, I finally made my Instagram for Ennui public and Facebook page.



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