School’s out! Scream and Shout!

Finally summer’s here. Good to be chillin’ out.

Ha. Kidding. I wish it was summer. Summer is what? 4 months away? Gah.

But sometimes I’d like to close my eyes and imagine what it’ll be like when summer does come… 😉

My question to you is how do you spend your summers? In front of your laptop Netflixing Heroes (BTW: HEROES IS COMING BACK IN 2015!) or our and about with your friends? I regret to say I am the hermit type during summer but hey! It’s not my fault I don’t like spending money (my excuse for every outdoor activity)!

Anywho! Why am I talking about summer right now you may ask, my dears? Well, in my AP English class today we read Class Dismissed written by Walter Kirn who basically proposed that senior year of high school is pointless. That all of there to look forward to is “sloppy dancing in rented  formalwear” at Prom and after senior activities to congratulate you on your four years of high school.

Which I agree. Weirdly.

I mean, what’s the point of senior year? To get credits, yes. But credits you can in fact get in community college. It would be much cheaper, waste less time, and let us experience and focus on what we want to do sooner. So we have more time to change our majors rather than having to decide within the first two years you enter college.

The thing is though, I want to enjoy the last few moments of high school. I want to get dressed up for Homecoming and Prom and go with that special someone. I want to oafishly goof with my friends at school. I want to look back in high school and remember and savor the memories, not just the schoolwork.

Random people having fun!!

Many might think differently, but high school is a balance of both being social and academics. For some, yes, it might be different, but I’d rather be in high school, having fun and maintaining ok grades rather than spending four years in my room studying hard. For some, I know it’s best to do well in the long run, but for those who want to have fun, there are so many options if you’re worried about not getting top-notch grades.

I don’t want a high school experience based on what I’ve seen on High School Musical and Dazed and Confused. Those are false examples for people who want to see what high school is like. High school experiences  are based on the people you surround yourself with and if you’re willing to branch out. For some, that might be difficult, but baby steps. You don’t regret it. You do need to learn to branch out in the long run, so why not start now?

Make the best out of your high school experience, y’alls. You’ll regret it. But be conscious of your future and set your priorities straight first.



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