Suéter Weather

I’ve decided that I’m going to create a line of sweaters for the DIY project. Sweaters are comfortable and perfect for a bum day, and but barely any stores carry sweaters except thin basic ones at H&M. Women resort to buying men’s sweaters or wearing their boyfriend’s. Clothing brands now also focus too much on making T-shirts.

I want these sweaters to be unisex size so it’s available to both men & women. However, I would make the designs geared towards women. Not necessarily more feminine, but meant for women. Menswear are always coming up with designs for men that women buy, but now I’m going to create a line that are for women that men would want.

It’s difficult coming up with designs. I’m striving towards simplicity. I really like HBA hoodies because they look simple but still as strange as this sounds looks bold. (That totally made sense). I

Do you know how hard it is to find blanks (basic clothing) at an affordable price? And I don’t know the quality of the clothing either so it’s hard to choose especially since it’s online.

Instead of printing it myself I think I’m going to have a screen printing company do it for me. The problem with screen printing with a company is that they require you to buy at least 12 items per design. I wanted to make 2-3 sweaters per design as samples. I hope I can call and ask to make a couple, but I highly doubt they will let. I’m still trying to find places to print my samples inexpensively.

I think thinking of going with Ink Press because it is local, inexpensive, and the quota amount is 12. Which is a lot and expensive. I am currently creating a business plan (something I should’ve done a long time ago) to write policies and how to deal with the fiances with Troy.

Wish me luck with Inkpress.




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