So, my business partner and I have been having disagreements of how we wanted Ennui to look like. This is especially difficult because we have finals coming up so we’ve barely talked about our progress.

The thing is Troy is more into streetwear, which I am also interested in but his idea of streetwear is more abstract like Bape and Supreme. I am more influenced by boutiques such as Free People and Anthropologie. We didn’t think this was a problem at first, but now it is.

We both want to do our own projects, which is difficult to do together since we have different ideas so we’ve decided to do our lines independently and come together again to create a unisex line if we have time. We check on each other’s progress periodically, which is nice because we still are a team. He’s already purchased blanks, which is convenient because he was able to give me the contact information so I can also purchase blanks. I guess this has its pros and cons.

Another thing Troy and I disagree on is how we’re handling our expenses. I think we should have an adult involved because we can potentially lose a lot of money and we should have someone present when we’re purchasing products for safety and business reasons. Troy disagrees.

I am enjoying doing this project with Troy and I’m grateful for this entire experience, but I think it would be better if we continued working independently after this project is done. I’m grateful that I had Troy to experience with, especially since we’ve learned together and we got to see each other’s tastes, which definitely opened my mind of what fashion could be.

Stay tuned to see our clothing brand launch!



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