(500) Days

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Have I ever mentioned (500)Days of Summer is my favorite movie? I loved everything about it. Especially since it’s based in LA. Well maybe, not the last scene.

movie joseph gordon-levitt 500 days of summer

(500) Days Of Summer is a romantic comedy movie that doesn’t go in sequential order but rather a nonlinear narrative structure, where it jumped from memory to memory of a relationship that failed. Failed! For the first time in a romantic comedy ever. Where the boy doesn’t get with the girl. Tom, the main character, is an average schmuck who is a believer in love and meeting “the one”. He meets Summer Finn, did not share his belief. I love how the narrator says in the beginning, “This is a story of how a boy meets girl. You should know up front, this is not a love story.”

Tom and Summer fall for each other and the movie skips to different days on their cute dates. Summer, however, does not share the same beliefs as Tom, and while Tom grows more and more crazy about Summer, she begins to grow further away until she finally breaks up with him. Tom becomes depressed and tries to move on but can’t. He finally sees Summer one day, who is happily engaged leaving Tom to realize that he needs to pick himself up and move on.

Tom and Summer are like Gatsby and Daisy. Both Gatsby and Tom were crazy about their respective significant others but due to nonreciprocal feelings, both got their heart broken. Both Gatsby and Tom had to recreate themselves to win their loves but were both unsuccessful. Tom, however, was able to move on and become a better person by starting a whole new career to make himself happy while Gatsby waited for Daisy. Both Daisy and Summer became withdrawn after arguments and indecisive of who they loved. The Great Gatsby was definitely not a love story also.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt | via Tumblr

(500) Days of Summer also has a pretty darn great soundtrack too!

Watch the movie for yourself!



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