Spreading Brand Awareness

So as of now, we’ve set up our social networks. We made a Tumblr, Instagram, WordPress, and Facebook page for our brand. Wow. This is very exciting!

I think we will probably post things that inspire us and our progress throughout our journey! As of now, we’re working on a few logo options. We are first going to make stickers from which we will order from Sticker Mule which is surprisingly a dollar per sticker. I really hope through these stickers we will stick on everywhere we will have people wondering what Ennui is. Troy and I are hoping to crank a new sticker design every two weeks or so with newer logos, like a fresh batch of cookies being we want a variety of designs going on, instead of like a uniform “Obey” or “Illest” logo going on.

An Uniqlo sticker

As of now, we’re trying to keep Ennui low key until we release a shirt because we do not want to create “hype” on a nonexistent product. We have, however, have started our research!

Troy and I were thinking about going to the LA Fashion District to look at notions (buttons, zippers, etc.) and fabrics needed for Ennui. Luckily for us, I’m currently taking a Fashion Technology class on our campus which teaches us the basics of the fashion industry along with sewing basics. We also have a textbook where it contains the basics of starting a business along with the dangers and tricks. I think this trip to the LA Fashion District is crucial to getting a start on our business so we’d know our budget and material we’d be using.

As of now, we are thinking of starting with the basics. A clean, basic tee, baseball tee, or sweater with our logo. Nothing too fancy just yet. Troy and I have also set goals. We need to crank out at least 2 designs per week and also complete our business plan and send them to each other every Friday night so we have the weekend to edit them. As for the adult that would be helping us, we are still not sure who to turn to, but hopefully we will have either his parents or my parents take us to the LA Fashion District to help us out. Designs need to start being cranked out as soon as possible. We haven’t had the opportunity to go to the LAFD because Troy was in NY all week and we both had family business to tend to, but we are trying for next weekend. From Yelp reviews, I heard that it is very crowded and we need to learn how to haggle, which is something I lack at. Welp.

We also need to narrow down the businesses we plan to go to. On the weekdays, the LAFD sells wholesale items but on Saturdays, they sell single items with discounts. So maybe we’ll try a Friday and a Saturday to see the difference?

We released our Facebook page to only our English group on Facebook and plan to keep it like that until we release our first shirt, which we are planning to come out during Winter Break.

We already have a whole lot of sweat going into this brand. Stress is starting to break out because we need to reach deadlines ASAP.


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