Cleanse Yourself

My English teacher is awesome. He actually went to Stater Bros. and bought my class Gari (aka pink ginger) which he presented, I may add, on a silver platter and presented it to the class.

No, we weren’t having a sushi party. Wow, I wish.

He was using gari as an example of how to cleanse our writing palate. And I loved Mr. Z’s delicious approach to it.

Writing the same writing prompt can get repetitive and boring, especially after reading what it may seem the same essays over and over again. We often get confused between essays because it seems that we have read the same quote, the same point, and the same words in the essays we write. Ideas are stolen, things are remixed and there is a fuzzy line between which essay is going against the argument and for the argument.

Remixing ideas is great but… sometimes it could get a little repetitive. Especially when the same people remix it over and over again. Where’s the ginger?

It is our job as writers to cleanse the palate of our readers. Give them something new and fresh to taste. To help them fully indulge into our writing without the after tastes of the same writings before. Become the black sheep.



One response to “Cleanse Yourself

  1. I see where you’re going with this idea. However, if a remix was truly a remix, then no idea will be stolen. A true remix WILL “give them something new and fresh to taste” and it will most likely not going to match other remixes. Whereas a remix where people are being lazy with it then yea, it’s going to look similar to others.

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