Starting Ennui

Gosh. I have so many ideas for this much anticipated brand! I known ever since second grade that I wanted to start a clothing line and I’ve finally been presented the opportunity!

I am extremely grateful for my partner, Troy, because he is familiar with the street wear business after keeping up with them through websites such as Hypebeast,, and Vogue. He sends me daily links of lookbooks, lines, and videos of how to start a brand which keep me excited and cultured. I know he’s just as excited as I am and he has a bunch of great ideas.

So the plan was that Troy was going to have his line of clothes for men and I was going to have a separate line for women but as of now, we aren’t sure since we are trying to spread the word out of our brand through shirts with our brand name. So as of now, I think the plan is that we will maintain the logos and screenprint shirts filled for men and women respectfully with them on. Our plan is to have samples out by the end of December to the beginning of January.

The one major thing that is making me scared is where are we going to get these samples and how are we going to screenprint them? Troy wants to invest in a screenprinter and heat presser, but I’m not sure because both are extremely expensive. Which makes me start on another topic. Budget.

I currently have a budget document on Google Docs to organize, which we hardly use but we will eventually will. Troy and I both have money saved but we need to figure out our budget. And to figure out our budget, we need to see how many and the price of blanks (blank t-shirts and sweaters) we need. I think we should bring an adult into our project who has a business background to potentially avoid losing hundreds (or thousands?) of dollars since starting a business is tricky. Bob Hurley, the founder of the brand Hurley, is a local in OC and we are thinking about emailing him about our project for advice and to maybe help us get started.

Do we need investors?

As of now, all we have are goals and dates.

Nov 9-16

Complete & edit business plan (mission statement, overall ideas & logo, specific financial ingo & projections, business policies, description of target market)

Now-Dec 23

Designing clothes

Dec 23-Jan 3

Contact manufactuerer,  make samples of our clothes

Jan 3

Create a lookbook for our clothes

Jan 3

Make our website public, advertise

I was actually researching how to create a business plan. I’m being honest here, I googled, “how to create a business plan” on google and the first thing that popped up was which was an amazing tool! I currently have a template set up with along with our goals and financial needs. There is so much that goes into a business that I am not aware of, so I’m planning to take an Entrepreneurship ROP class next year. Alas! Another adult to talk to! The teacher at our school who can give us advice and tips!

Still cannot fathom how all of this is real.


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