noun \ˌän-ˈwē\

: a lack of spirit, enthusiasm, or interest


I hate it when people say, “maybe you can do it when you grow up”. Aren’t I already grown up? I know like I’m sounding like a typical teenager here, but I am in the “real world” one might say. The grades I get right now (as frightening as it sounds) determine the fate of my life. And I’m just a teenager, wow.

So why can’t I get a head start right now? I have the ideas.

So. I’m going to start my own clothing brand. Right now. In high school. I’ve been holding on this dream since I was like, what? Second grade? When my English teacher told us to do a “Do-It-Yourself project” where we basically make something we’re passionate about, I jumped at the chance.

I’m scared.

Ok first, where am I going to get the money to start my brand? Where am I going to go to produce my shirts? What designs am I going to have on my shirts? What’s my logo going to look like? How am I going to advertise my brand? Who is going to buy my clothes? How am I going to appeal to both sexes? Am I going to be able to make other styles of shirts such as button ups instead of normal T-shirts & tanks? Why would people want to buy my clothes? Who would my investors be? Should I have an adult with a business background help? What is going to be that one wow factor that we are known for? What are stock lists?!

Troy (my partner) and I have decided to temporarily name our fetus brand, Ennui, and the meaning is stated above but I wanted to make to make it seem more like we have made this brand out of boredom, which is when our creative juices flow the most.

I am so excited for this brand. So much research goes into this, which I will keep up with in this wee blog of mine. Maybe Ennui will be here 100 years from now.




2 responses to “Ennui

  1. I’m also creating a clothing line for my project! So I find this really awesome! I love your idea of going for your dream now, as opposed to waiting. I feel like all your questions will be answered in time and everything will come together amazingly! I’m really excited to see what you create!

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