Why, darling?

Why do you love? Why do you care? Why do you hate? Why do you think?

I’m not trying to be deep here nor am I trying to use the Socratic method; have you ever thought of an action you do so often and why you do it?

Do we love because we are taught to? Is what we think is love even love or something we create in our minds? I love because I truly do love something or someone. I love for  I love for comfort. I may love from feelings of infatuation, from feeling like I’m belong.  I love for the sole purpose of being loved back.

Why do we care? Is it because our parents have taught us to care and share our toys? To care for our younger siblings? To care for pets and our prized possessions? I guess I care because it’s actually something I’m passionate about. I care because either every else cares and/or no one else cares. I care sometimes because I believe I should.

“Hate?! Isn’t that a little powerful?” I don’t hate, I guess. I envy. I dislike. But I may start to dislike from other people’s opinions. I may dislike on my own. Everyone envies.

I’m thinking right now, aren’t I? I’m thinking about what to write next, I’m thinking about my Gold Award, about my DIY project. I’m thinking about getting a glass of water right now because my throat is parched. We think to record, to learn, to remember. I think to wander, to imagine, to review.

Which gets me thinking, do I do everything to get a reciprocal action back?

That’s all for now, loves. Remember to question everything.



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