“My eyes had opened and I was alone, terribly alone…”

“I no longer pleaded for anything… My eyes had opened and I was alone, terribly alone in a world without God, without man. Without love or mercy. I was nothing but ashes now.”

– Page 68, Night 

This was by far one of the most memorable scenes from the book, Night. This scene really stood out to me. Through the Holocaust, hundreds of thousands of innocent lives were killed through the merciless nature of Adolf Hitler. It’s really unfathomable and incomprehensible of how difficult life must have been for  the Jewish community as a whole, including the ones who were put into morbid concentration camps. Relatives and loved ones were separated and killed. Many were shot or gassed to death. Those who lived suffered neglect and malnourishment. Although I could never possibly feel the exact emotions of who were put through these tragic events, I assume that one question emerged: how could God let this happen? These countless innocent lives were killed day and night; loved ones were murdered. Your family members had been forced to part from you or had been killed- who was still left? God? You were alone in this world, “terribly alone in a world without God”.

This scene had meant so much to me because although the emotions and thoughts behind the words were put into an entirely different context, it’s still incredibly relatable. Yes, there are times through our suffering, we question the power and actions behind Him. Why did He allow for this to happen and why me? Although we never know the exact answers to these questions, we just hope for the best, just like those of the Holocaust did.

– Awkward Cat.

“Wait and hope.”



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