Women in Films

So for the past week or so, I’ve been watching a drama film called The Seven Samurai. It is currently pretty epic and I find myself leaning forward throughout many parts of the movie, which is surprising, considering it was made in 1954 with  basic film skills. It has a very good story line– from those who overcome their fears, learning about selfishness, and love. I highly recommend this movie to those suckers for classics.

What bothered me about Seven Samurai, however, was the where women stood in society. The movie does take place in 1587 but I found it insulting how useless women were portrayed in this story. Shino, one of the only women we meet in the movie, is forced to chop off her hair by her father, who fears she would be lusted upon by samurai. She was powerless, but I can sense courage in her after she nobly follows Katsushiro.

Shino on the left

However, most of the women in the movie hid with their children when bandits came to attack. It irritated me slightly because I admit there was a small part of me that hoped that the women would fight back alongside men, but the film is indeed set in 1587.

But let’s not forget Mulan. In my opinion, she’s the best Disney princess because she takes her father’s spot in the army and fights alongside men! And then she falls in love with the general… but that happens in the sequel, which in my opinion, is better than the original.

But it’s 2013. There are plenty of films showing how amazing women can be; and they will continue being made. Go women!!!



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