Finger Art!

I feel like most of our Daily Catnips so far are about art.. oh well. You can never have too much art!!

Ok, so today’s catnip is super cool. Remember when you were in kindergarten and you would finger paint until you were covered with paint from your head to your toes? And your pictures probably turned out like this, right? (Well, at least mine did…)

Today’s art is also about finger painting… except on an extreme level. The artist is Judith Braun and her work is seriously some of the coolest things I have ever seen. Check them out!

Too cool, right? She has a bunch of other cool works of art too, so go ahead and check them out! 🙂

And yeah, that’s all for today!

Have a fantastic (I don’t have a cat pun for this) day! 🙂


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