Blessing Bags!

So, I was on my Pinterest and I came across something I pinned awhile back.

Blessing bags! Basically, it’s just a bag full of basic necessities and snacks you can give to homeless people when you pass by. Those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion you secretly take from hotels? Put them in these bags! You can even put in coupons, gift cards… anything!

Read this for more information on how to make blessing bags.

Ever since I saw this on Pinterest, I’ve been planning to do this one day. I mean, doesn’t it sound fun? Just get in a car with some friends and drive around looking for homeless people and making their day 10x better. It’s like a mini roadtrip!

Well, that’s today’s Daily Catnip. Hope you enjoyed it! And here’s a little something to make you giggle:

Have a cat-tastic day! 🙂


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