The Art of Successfully Delivering a Punchline

What has four legs but looks like a chair? Oh wait, what looks like a chair and has four legs? OH YEAH, what has four legs but can’t walk?!? Right?! A chair? Hah? Guys? Am I funny yet?

Coincidentally, in our English class, we’re learning about comedies the techniques authors and directors use. I bet EVERYONE in the entire world has failed at telling a joke like above at one point. Believe me, it happens to me ALL the time. I’d have to say probably everyday. Sad, huh? That’s what I get when I TRY to make people laugh. It always backfires.

Don’t you want advice from your funniest (I hope) bloggers? Well here ya go.

1. Make sure you actually know your joke. 

I’m serious. I’d have to say out of 10 jokes I say on a daily basis, I always mess up at least 2. I guess that’s what makes it funny, but I have to admit, it stinks when you don’t get the expected laugh you were aiming for.


2. NEVER laugh in the middle of your joke.

No matter how funny it is…  I feel your pain.


3. Pause before you say the punchline. (This is a must.)

“WHAT’S BROWN AND STICKY A STICK?” is what you usually sound like! Give your audience some suspense, bud! Make them guess. Make them beg for the answer.


4. Make sure your joke “fits” the audience.

My teacher threw sodium chloride at me today. I guess you could consider that a salt. Now, try telling that joke to a 6 year old.


5. Make it punny!

Puns are probably my all time favorite type of jokes. Why would someone not like them? They’re clever, funny, and just great all at the same time. For example, I relish the fact that you’ve mustard the strength to ketchup to me. Tell me that you didn’t at least smile.


6. Surprise your audience.

When you want to tell a joke, don’t start off with saying, “Hey, wanna hear a joke?!” And I admit, I probably do this every time I tell someone a joke. If you ask them if they want to hear a joke, they’ll think that you’re expecting them to laugh – which you are – but you don’t want a fake laugh, do you?! No. So next time you’re in a conversation, just randomly tell them a joke!\


7. Ruin other people’s punchlines, steal their spotlight, and take that opportunity to tell your best joke. 

Who doesn’t like attention, right? And you automatically gain an audience right then and there! Voila!


8. Steal someone else’s joke.

So, your friend told you this great joke today or you read one on the internet. Well guess what?! Steal it! Tell it to someone else and act like you came up with it. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.


9. Bring props to complete your joke.

Who doesn’t love props, right. Bring snacks and bottled water if the joke’s going to take you that long.


10. And if all else fails and people still don’t laugh at your joke, start laughing.

And I mean uncontrollably laughing. Maybe in a funny, strange laugh. Or just in your normal laugh. You know what they say, laughter is contagious. And hey, if they start laughing with you, at least you have succeeded in making your audience laugh… no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing it was!


11. Make a blog post explaining the art of successfully delivering a punchline. 

You’ll probably get a few giggles here and there. Maybe some likes. And 20 more followers, I don’t know.


I hope you are now an expert on telling jokes!

Joke’s on you,

Crookshanks, Mrs. Norris, and last but definitely not least, Awkward Cat



3 responses to “The Art of Successfully Delivering a Punchline

  1. I love this! Exciting read and it also made me giggle a lot. I’ll try to remember these tips, haha. Very helpful. You should definitely post more blogs like this; it’s informative and gets a good chuckle in 😀

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