How To Layer for Cold Weather

It’s been getting quite chilly lately, but it’s been getting better because we are now officially transitioning into spring! Hurrah! For all the ladies (and gentlemen too!) out there, here’s some advice on how to layer so you still look chic without looking bulky!


collar 1_files

If you’re tired of wearing jeans over and over again, I’ve got your solution: tights! Layer tights (sheer or solid) under your favorite pair of denim high-waisted shorts and boom, you have yourself another pants combination that’s warm and comfortable. Or you can layer the same tights with a cute flowy skirt and sweater. Remember, tights are NOT pants. That’s what leggings are for.

Every girl should have at least one pair of leggings in their closet. I personally like neutral colored leggings (maroon, black, etc.) because they can go with almost everything. I don’t like what leggings look like at the bottom so I like hiding it with a pair of boots. Put on wool socks, boots, and viola, another warm leg combination that is chic and comfortable. For a girls’ night out pair ’em with your favorite heels.

I love the high socks look but only a few people people can pull them off. What I love about high socks though is that you can wear them with boots AND low tops!


Love Dress, Mia Shoes Boots, Http   Www.Grafea.Com Leatherbriefcase Small Leather Barrel Bag.Html Bag, Diy Collar   Drips and drapes (by Analisa Nguyen)   LOOKBOOK (1)

I’m sure every girl and guy out there has their favorite sweater. If I could, I would wear a sweater everyday. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be accused of wearing the same sweater two weeks in a row! You can change up your outfit and feel warmer by adding a collared shirt underneath!

I would suggest having the collar a different material than your sweater. Most sweaters people have are cotton, so I would suggest trying denim, leather, or silk. If not, cotton is definitely fine under two exceptions: a) it’s a different color & b) a different pattern.

Remember that you don’t have to collar up with jeans, try to slip a dress under your sweater and rock your outfit! Try to limit either your dress or sweater to one pattern and the other basic. Color-coordination is also important! Put tights under your dress, arm candy, and a bold statement necklace and woo, you’ve got your outfit.


The Fabulous Stains Military Jacket Sold, Crash And Burn Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Tee, Tabbi Socks Eyelet Thigh Highs   CRASH N BURN (by Bebe Zeva)   LOOKBOOK

What I love about jackets that are in fashion now is that they come in a variety of lengths. Knee-length military jackets to denim jackets, you name it. Whenever I leave the house, I always leave with at least one jacket because I hate being cold. If you wanted to layer your jackets, I would suggest going from your thinnest jacket to your thickest.

If your outfit is feeling a little too bulky, add a neutral colored belt (brown, beige, black, etc.) to your waistline under your jacket and over your layers.

Stay warm!



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