I love hair. To me, it’s like an accessory that is just as important as your outfit.

I know you’ve all heard this before but it’s crucial to get a haircut about every 3 months to get rid of those split ends. I know many girls out there that want to grow their hair out and choose not to get those split ends cut off! Well, hate to break it to you ladies, but split ends end up making the tips of your hair look pretty darn nasty and scraggly and if not, they break off, keeping your hair at the same length and still looking nasty. Avoid straightening and curling and do it only when necessary. Your natural hair is beautiful girl, work that updo! And shampoo your hair. And condition it, of course. You don’t have to wash your hair everyday, actually don’t if you don’t have oily hair because it is dries your hair out and makes you shed. Yikes!

OK woo! Hair! I love buns. Sock buns, chignon hair buns, ballerina buns, you name it. Buns are perfect for feeling-like-crap days which is almost everyday for me. Just grab a hair tie, gather your hair in a ponytail, wrap it around in the shape of a bun, and tie it up!

I have a feeling short hair is coming back in style! Remember those good old days where the Rachel haircut from Friends was THE HAIR? It’s coming back! Which is something I’m excited about. So grab those scissors and start snipping y’all.

Casual, messy hair is also in style now. On days I don’t feel like doing the whole updo, I like picking up a straightener and adding kinks and casual curls here and there 1) add volume to my hair and 2) to do a waterfall braid! A tutorial will be coming out to you soon!

Last but not least, dyed hair. I felt like it was trendy during the summer but now it’s on the verge of being out of style. I think every girl in the world went through a phase this summer where they wanted ombre hair. That’s also out. And flamboyant colors like blue, purple, etc.? Also out.

More hair articles to come!



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